I try to say something
But it end up with nothing
Every time you walk on by...

Friday, April 15, 2011

Fight With My Crush...

Damn! Today at school I fought with my crush.. its all about the message i wrote to him..

Me: Wazzup nerdy hair dude! XPP
Him: FFF u k K bye

before he send me that message, he said he hate me! he showed the 'finger'! >:(
i'm mad at him and he was(i don't think it will be a 'was'.) mad at me..

how could i solve this.. i already apologize to him ( message )..
if he doesn't forgive me, what should i do? beg? no way!! :P

please tell me anyone whose reading this... comment please.. huhu T.T


  1. dont worry my dear, thats the fun of it! u fight, but then u be frens again.. :)

  2. hehe thanks kakak. but i already apologized to him.. he said "ok.." .. hehe :DD