I try to say something
But it end up with nothing
Every time you walk on by...

Sunday, May 15, 2011


Everybody knows about life right? Life is cool and awesome but some says its complicated. Maybe they got problems with their life.. Mine? Don't ask. Its full of colours!! I got plenty of friends who are always beside me when anything goes wrong. My family too! I'm happy whenever I'm with them. :D

Well, my life is lit up already.. When the first day I came to school, everybody in my class welcomed me! And now I'm at Year _. ( I'm not gonna tell ya >:D, but you probably know that I'm just a kid ) Jeeja and Mia, ( The cutest twin in my life! ) introduced me to.. VOCALOIDS!! And now I am absolutely in it! LOL I know its funny.. If you just check out my songs, its all vocaloids. Sarah, the one we ( me and Jeeja ) always ask food whenever we're hungry ( in class ), never say NO. She is fun and loving because she care about her friends. Alya, oh she is Emo alright. She is a playgirl. ( don't be mad, Alya! >:D ) She love to talk about boys.. Jean, the one with a strong heart! She is always there beside me.. Sometimes she's mad about me.. but its a common thing now.. She a loving character in my life! Aqilah, ( her name is like - I Kill Ya xD ) she likes being called Aqi chan.. Its a cute name. me and Jeeja created it.. Amir, ( ==" weirdo ) He is really weird. He likes Dead By April and can't stop thinking about them! He is funny, cute and chubby.. ( xDDDDDD Okay seriously I can't stop laughing now.. chubby...wuahaahaha~ )

So, having friends is like a miracle, right? They love you for who you are. So, have fun with them! :DD
Bye now!! :)

Monday, May 9, 2011


List of Things I'm Not Done Yet..

Music Scrap Book ( gotta hand it to teacher on Wednesday.. )
Homeworks.. xD
urm... I dunno

List of Animes I Like

Tsubasa Chronicles
Kaichou Wa- Maid Sama
Full Metal Al-Chemist
Black Butler / Kuroshitsuji
Can't remember...

List Of Anime Characters I LOVE!!

Rin and Len Kagamine
Kaito Shion
Gumi Megpoid
Miku Hatsune
Yowane Haku
Lelouch Lamperouge
Sebastian Michaelis
Ciel Phantomhive
Hinata Shintani
Misaki Ayuzawa